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Unexpected grief

I think I might be a little crazier than I previously thought.  I have been obsessively reading about the death and life of Cory Monteith.  For those of you who don’t know, Cory played...

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St. Croix, How I Miss You

Lord, I miss this island. For over 15 years, my brother-in-law and his family lived on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix.  I first visited with Mike when we were dating.  I don’t...

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1st Birthday Cakes – Lessons

Birthday cakes are my thing.  And by “my thing” I sometimes mean they are my pride and joy.  Other times I mean that cake decorating just ain’t my thing (i.e. they belong at the...

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My Dog

I’m an animal lover.  I get all girly and start baby talking when it comes to them.  It can’t be helped.  Things that I would normally never tolerate in a human, I will somehow...

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Winter’s Beach Vibe

One of the main instigators of starting this blog was all of the trials and tribulations of renovating the first floor of our New Jersey beach house after damage that happened from Hurricane Sandy....

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Photography as therapy

I’ve taken a few, short-term, adult classes in photography.  I started off with darkroom work, which was really an escape from a daily life of hum-drum, during a difficult time that I was having...

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Update Test

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Today Mike and I officially turned 6!  Technically, we’re about 12, but this day six years ago, I wed the love of my life – the one perfectly suited for me. The festivities should...